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It’s enough! Starting April 1st, rents are going to rise again because the increase of the indicative rents won’t be suspended as they were last year. In addition, prices for heating and food are rising sharply. Life is becoming increasingly unaffordable for most people.

Many people are faced with the question of whether they would rather spend the little money they have left to live with on a roof over their heads in a warm apartment or a full stomach. Countless apartment blocks in Vienna are empty so that they can be sold at an even higher price at some point, more and more people are losing their apartments because they can no longer pay the rent and are eventually evicted. Meanwhile moving to another place is also associated with substantial costs and affordable apartments that offer enough space are hardly available. The shelves in the grocery stores are filled, but we are not allowed to take what we need to live. Although many of us work relentlessly day and night without a break, the wages are no longer enough, as they do not appropriately reflect the increased costs of living.

The culprits are not only the ruling politicians, but also a system that subjects us all to the constraints and demands of capitalism. At its core lies the principle of production which is not tailored to the diverse needs of the people, but only to the economic purchasing power and the constant hunt for increased profits. If we find a job at all, we can consider ourselves “lucky” being forced to do labour that is is stressful and harmful to our health. If we are unable to find a job or if we are not psychologically fit enough to work, there is barely any support. Authorities like the AMS or the social welfare office try to push us as fast as possible into the next badly paid job, instead of giving us the help and care we actually need.

These conditions are inhumane and unacceptable. However there is also good news: Since this society was created by humans, it can also be changed by us again. Even if the ruling politicians present this state of affairs to us as mostly natural,

obscure and unchangeable. Even if they ramble something about there being “no alternative”, we can work together for a better life!

Demands to suspend rent increases due to the pandemic are certainly an important step, but they fall short. After all, rents are already unaffordable even without a pandemic. Instead, we must ensure that housing, like all other areas of life, is not subject to the rules of the market and the increase in profits!

We oppose this noticeably destructive capitalist mode of production, which constantly produces inequality and exclusion, with the perspective of a society free of oppression, constraints and exploitation. We want to fight for this together with you and make concrete offers through this occupation. We want to reopen a space for debates about a fair living together, which was so painfully taken away from us in the pandemic. We want to draw attention to problems that have intensified in recent years and from which countless people have to suffer.

If for example you are affected by delogations and forced evictions, contact us or make others aware. Together we can prevent evictions by blocking the access of bailiffs to the apartments. Just contact us via In many places, such struggles against evictions have already been successful.

For more information for example upcoming events, you can look up our website

Let’s break out of this state of seperation, isolation and powerlessness, let’s unite and fight for a good life for all!