House occupation Mariannengasse 16-20, 1090 Wien

Since two years now, a pandemic has been raging through the world and claimed several million lives up to this point. All of us are experiencing the effects of the pandemic and the Austrian governments barely functioning strategy against it. As a consequence, the separation of public and private space is becoming more striking than ever: while it may not be so tragic for wealthy people with a garden in…

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End femicides!

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Deutsch | English | BKS | Türkçe The Corona pandemic has caused society to return even more than before into the private sphere. In a patriarchal system, this is inevitably connected with a strong increase in domestic violence, by which especially women, trans, inter, non-binary and queer people are affected, and which, in the worst case, ends with a femicide. We will not be silent any longer! Not one less!

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No borders, no nations!

Deutsch | English | BKS | Türkçe In the shadow of the pandemic, the catastrophic conditions refugees have to endure keep worsening. At the same time, the public awareness for the atrocities committed at Europe’s outer borders is going down. Isolation and exclusion remain the principles of this murderous border regime. No borders, no nations! Leave no one behind!

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Vaccines for all!

Deutsch | English | BKS | Türkçe Public money played a significant role in researching and developing the Covid-19- vaccines. Now, however, companies are insisting on patent rights to maximise their profits, while selling the vaccine doses to the richest countries, where the leftovers end in the trash in millions instead of saving lives. Capitalism kills!

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Abolish rent!

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Deutsch | English | BKS | Türkçe In capitalism, housing is seen as a commodity rather than a basic human need. While people are getting evicted in the middle of a pandemic, landlords, owners and speculators keep filling their already bursting pockets. No more! A good life for all!

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Money doesn’t care

Deutsch | English | BKS | Türkçe Especially during the pandemic, hard physical work, high psychological strain and shitty working hours are becoming everyday life for care workers and people in health and care professions. In the end, due to rising pressure for profit in the health sector, they are left with nothing but tired applause. We will not tolerate this any longer! Capitalism makes us sick!

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The last two years put the world in an extreme state of emergency and responding government measures were accompanied by a strong individualization of our lives. Many of us experienced for the first time what social isoaltion means and what consequences it has for the human psyche. Private space became the  the center of life and the symbol of the unequal distribution of wealth. While rich people got even richer,…

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